Day: 26 September 2012


Madfinger Games tease Shadowgun Deadzone, the multiplayer version of Shadowgun

Back during CES 2012 we got to take some time and do a little hands-on playing of an early build of Shadowgun Deadzone, the multiplayer version of their popular third-person shooter game for Android. It was originally slated for release onto Android shortly after CES 2012 but for whatever reason it never came to be. Well it looks like that very well may be changing due to a new post on their Facebook page which has begun teasing to multiplayer version of Shadowgun.


Kabam’s next game looks like it will be based off of The Hobbit

Kabam, known for their free-to-play browser MMO games and now their recently released Arcane Empires on Android, look to be gearing up to release another game soon and this time it could be based off of The Hobbit. Officially being called The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth, this mobile phone and tablet MMORTS game is slated for release later this Fall, just in time for the first release of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy this December.


The Devil’s Cove point-and-click adventure game appears on Kickstarter

A new point-and-click adventure game has arrived onto Kickstarter today looking for funding from gamers who enjoy this genre of games. Developed by Anarchy Enterprises, Devil’s Cove takes place in a harbor town of the same name where a series of gruesome crimes have happened by the enemy known as the Plague Doctor. The police in the town seem to suddenly be on the side of the Plague Doctor, silencing anyone who have gotten involved in trying to stop what’s happening in Devil’s Cove.


Texas Instruments to back out of the mobile devices market

Interesting news today coming from Texas Instruments as they have announced that they will be officially backing out of the mobile devices industry to focus on a more broader range of products such as automobiles and other technology that uses embedded chip systems. This is due to the fact that right now, for Texas Instruments, the mobile industry isn’t as stable and profitable as they had hoped it would be.


Bulkypix dashes onto Android with Babel Running, getting you closer to the gods

Based off of the recently released strategy action game Babel Rising 3D from AMA, Ubisoft and Mando Productions, there is a new Babel game now available for you to play only this time you are playing as the humans and not the gods. Published by Bulkypix and developed by Mando Productions, Babel Running is now available for you to play, helping the world of humans to get closer to the gods.