Namco Bandai lets you manage your very own cafeteria in Deluxe Cafe

Here’s a new social sim game recently released by NAMCO BANDAI Games, who we’ve seen in the mobile market with rather famous games like PAC’N-JUMP and PAC-CHOMP!. Their newest release, named Deluxe Cafe, sets itself as a social game that includes all that social-ish goodness that creates some mixed opinions among casual and hardcore gamers.

Deluxe Cafe starts with you creating your own cafeteria in one of three different scenarios before moving onto cooking and selling cakes and ice creams to every girl that comes into your cafe. You can then create your own recipes as you level up, unlock different toppings, coverings and creams for your delicious dishes. There’s also room for improving your place, so you can buy tables, chairs, lamps and what not, or extend your cafe’s size to allow for more and bigger furniture.

With a set of graphics¬†remarkably¬†similar to those we always see in other social games (for further reference just click one of your usual facebook notifications) and a soundtrack that gets repetitive pretty soon, Deluxe Cafe includes social features like sharing your achievements, liking your friends’ cafeterias, sharing photos of your place, and fastening up the cooking and selling of your creations with Diamonds, one of the game’s currencies. You can always buy them through In-App Purchases that go from $0.99 all the way to $99.99.

If you feel like making your own place and enjoying some classic social gaming, you can get Deluxe Cafe from free on Google Play.

Developer Website: Namco Bandai

Google Play Link: Deluxe Cafe

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