The Everlasting Regret is a Gorgeous Puzzler From Tencent

The newest game from Tencent is a bit of an interesting one. Presented in gorgeous watercolor hues, it’s a puzzler built around an ancient Chinese legend. And it’s out right now on the Google Play Store.

The gameplay here involves altering paintings, making your own art and finding specific images. It’s not the most challenging experience in the world, but it does have a certain slow-paced, relaxing flair that’s going to leave a smile on your face.

You can check out the trailer for the game we’ve embedded below to get a better idea of what to expect from the experience. Seriously though, how good does The Everlasting Regret look?

There’s a poetic nature to the experience, like you’d expect from a game that’s based on a classic piece of Chinese literature. That mixes brilliantly with the art-style of the game to create something pretty darn special.

You can click here to grab The Everlasting Regret from the Google Play Store right now. It won’t cost you anything to pick it up, so it’s well worth giving it a go. Especially since it’s something a little outside the norm.

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