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The Excellent Space Marshals is 75% Off on Android

Space Marshals, the highly acclaimed sci-fi action game from Pixelbite. is 75% off on the Google Play Store. You can pick it up right now for just 99c, down from $3.99.

Released in 2015, Space Marshals is a polished tactical shooter that sees you exploring a series of wild west environments in outer space. You play as Burton, a space marshal in pursuit of dangerous fugitives.

Gameplay-wise, Space Marshals sees you using cover, executing flanking maneuvers, deploying items like flash grenades and distractions, and generally kicking ass in deep space/the old west.

Stealth is the order of the day, and you can even use disguises to sneak past your credulous enemies, as well as employing silenced weapons.

Space Marshals is a visually polished and highly playable mobile game, with an impression 4.7 average review score on Google Play. You can download it for just 99c right now.

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