The Hacker 2.0 Stealthily Slips onto Android Devices

Angry Bugs Games’ follow up to the 2012 iOS puzzle game The Hacker snuck onto the Google Play store while no one was looking.  The Hacker 2.0 brings things from the 80’s green-hued screens of the original into a more colorful and complex modern era.  The gorgeous new visual aesthetic is very reminiscent of Square-Enix Montreal’s GO series with isometric turn-based puzzles like Hitman Go and Deus Ex GO.

Using the GO games as an inspiration, they’ve run it through a Tron filter, having player entering into the digital world from a virtual desktop and hacking their way through puzzles with various computer functions.  These will be in the form of skills you can buy, equip, and upgrade.  You’ll be able to block paths, teleport, and even delete enemies.

The game features over 80 levels each with multiple pathways to completion.  As players hack more terminals they can unlock extra skills and upgrades that offer the opportunity for new and clever strategies for completing levels.  They’ll also be able to complete challenges to earn credits, obtain player avatars, and even wallpapers to customize their digital desktop.


The Hacker 2.0 (Play Store)

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