The Impossible Game now available on Android

The Impossible game is old-school one button, jumping based platforming strategy in your pocket that perfectly blends an awesome electronic soundtrack that matches the intensity of the game. First released on the iPhone and Xbox as a downloadable title the game is out now for Android.

Premise and mechanics are unexpectedly simple despite the game’s intimidating title, just don’t mistake it for easy. Tap the screen to jump over and onto obstacles in the one-way path of your inevitable, eventual collision. Getting further in the game raises a score which you can then share with your friends online.



  • Easy to pick up, hard to master
  • Detailed statistics and social networking integration
  • Less than a dollar


With simple strategy, a low price and borderline addictive game play this bite-sized will be played in airports, bus stations and when waiting in lines for months or even years to come. It’s available now from the Android market for the U.S. equivalent of 93 cents.

Developer Website: FlukeDude

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