The Kindle Fire gets some Ice Cream Sandwich love

Since a plethora of people bought themselves a Kindle Fire recently and a lot of people have already rooted it, there is some more good news today for you. A developer has already managed to port Android 4.0 onto the Kindle Fire.

You will be able to get some Ice Cream Sandwich love before a majority of us will see it unless we happen to own device that has a ROM already made which is far and few between right now. This is also good news for people in the UK who are apparently getting the Kindle Fire in January 2012. It’s still early in the port though so some development still needs to be done before it can be released to the public.

The developer who made this all happen, going by the name Steven, says he plans to release the code and start an open source project just for the Kindle Fire and ICS. Soon you will be able to have ICS on your Kindle Fire as well should you have yours rooted. Even though Amazon recently posted an update that breaks root, you can still go ahead and re-root your Kindle Fire and now you have a great reason to do so. If you want to see it in action, check out the video above.

You can follow the progress on the official XDA thread for ICS on the Kindle Fire.

Website Referenced: PCWorld

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