The Latest King of Fighters ALLSTAR Event Features 10 Gintama Characters

Mobile brawler King of Fighters ALLSTAR has kicked off its latest event, and this time around Gintama, the popular manga and anime series, is in the hot seat.

The Gintama event adds ten new fighters, including series protagonist Gintoki. Also included are Kagura, Hijikata, Elizabeth, Kamui, Okita. Kondou, and White Yaksha Gintoki Sakata. Household names all.

Elizabeth and Kagura are only available if you take part in the Gintama Attendance Event and Kagura’s Super Mission, which run – like most of the events – until August the 13th. 

Alongside the Gintama event there’s a 2nd Anniversary Attendance Event, running from the 28th until August the 26th. This one will let you win up to 50 Battle Card Summon Tickets and one FES Fighter. 

So, you know, hop to it.

Source: Pocket Gamer

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