The Latest Tetris Update Adds a Daily Primetime Tournament with Cash Prizes

Tetris has just been updated by its developer N3TWORK with a range of new modes, one of which will let you win real cash prizes on a daily basis. 

The eye-catching cash prize feature is called Tetris Primetime, which N3TWORK claims is a blend of game show and live competitive Tetris. It’s free to enter, and there’s $1 million a year up for grabs in prizes. 

There’s another new mode called, somewhat inevitably, Tetris Royale. This mode, which is available round the clock, sees you jumping into 100-player battles and hoping to survive till the end, with leaderboard dominance cementing your victory.

Finally, there’s Tetris Together, a collegiate twist on the iconic shape-sorter that lets friends create Tetris challenges for each other and communicate via voice chat as they play. 

You can download Tetris for free right now on Google Play.

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