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Tetris now being offered up for free on the Amazon AppStore

The classic puzzle game that seems to somehow manage to survive after all this time, Tetris, is now available on the Amazon AppStore for free for today only as Amazon’s free app of the day. While we are pretty sure everyone on the planet knows what Tetris is, and probably owns a copy of the game in one form or another, if you happen to have access to the Amazon AppStore, you can grab a copy of it today for free.

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Tetris Released Onto Market

While attempting to flash my Nexus One back to Android 2.1 for some development testing I noticed that the crew over at AndroidSpin have posted that the Official Tetris game by EA is now available on the Android market. The official version of the game has been available since Android’s release it was only available for purchase on outside market websites like Mobihand.

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Tetris Clones Yanked Off Market

Word has just got out that pretty much every single Tetris close has been yanked off the Android market following a C&D order sent to Google from The Tetris Company LLC. 35 separate titles have been named in the DMCA notice that requests Google to pull them from the Android market which they now have been. We’ve managed to dig up copy of the DMCA notice.