EA releases Tetris Blitz for Android on a worldwide scale finally

Back in April of this year Electronic Arts released the first ever freemium version of a Tetris game onto Android in a limited soft release called Tetris Blitz. As with any ‘blitz’ style of game, in this one your goal is to get as high of a score as possible within a given amount of time. In this case you have two minutes to rack up as many points as possible.

Unlike normal Tetris though, this version has a plethora of power-ups and boosters that you’ll need to utilize if you plan to be successful at actually getting some high scores. The goal is still the same though, complete as many solid horizontal lines as you can by fitting different shapes of blocks together, you just have to be very fast in this version. With the new power-ups and boosters though, you’ll be able to set up different combinations of them which can lead to some pretty amazing effects happening when you do things like clearing four lines at the same time.

Players will also have to keep coming up with new combinations of these power-ups and boosters since EA plans to release news one each week, giving you more opportunities and combinations to try out which will hopefully lead to you earning even higher scores. There are other unique aspects to this version of Tetris such as ‘Finishers’ and ‘Bonus Blitz’ which are basically like a finishing move in a brawler but instead in a puzzle game, essentially clearing the board and earning you bonus rewards.

Lastly there is also a ‘Frenzy mode’ which you can activate in the middle of a session. This Frenzy mode will earn you even more points and the interesting thing about this mode is that you can keep it going for as long as you can by continuously clearing lines back-to-back.

Since this is a free-to-play game, you can download Tetris Blitz off of Google Play for free. It does come with optional IAPs for players to spend real money on purchasing extra power-ups and boosters. You can, however, earn these over time without spending a dime.

Google Play Links: Tetris Blitz (NA) / Tetris Blitz (International)

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