The Lego Movie’s video game has finally arrived onto Android

Short of living completely off the grid, and away from civilization, it’s pretty hard to miss the recent popularity explosion of LEGO, especially in movies. And is often the case nowadays, movies have video game adaptations. With LEGO now following suit with their 2014 The Lego Movie, it now has a mobile video game adaptation which is now available on Google Play.

In this game, players will be assuming the role of Emmet, the protagonist from the film, who is mistakenly identified as the one who will save the world and thus players must both recruit other characters to help, as well as defeat the evil tyrant that’s attempting to rule the world. This game includes 45 different missions, and over 90 characters from the actual movie. So players will not only have the familiar characters (Batman, Gandalf, Superman, etc) from the movie, but locations will be carried over as well, including Flatbush Gulch and Cloud Cuckoo Land, among others.

Lego Movie Features:

– A delightful and surprising mix of over 90 characters as seen from the film, including Batman, Superman, the Green Ninja, Gandalf, Benny, and more.
– Journey through fantastical worlds like Flatbush Gulch, Cloud Cuckoo Land, and more in 45 exciting levels!
– Smash bricks in a fascinating environment made of LEGO bricks.
– Collect and use LEGO instruction pages to build in a new way.
– Harness the awesome power of the Master Builders to virtually build extraordinary LEGO creations.
– Enjoy a brand new animation style as seen in the film that simulates the movement of actual LEGO toy sets.

The LEGO Movie game uses an isometric viewpoint with tap and swipe gestures for controls, and of course, lots of things to build with Legos. The game is sizeable, ringing in at 1.26 GB of space. So if you’re planning to get this game, you’ll need to make sure you have enough space for it. LEGO Movie game is available from Google Play for a flat $4.99.

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