The love child of Pachinko, Breakout, and Bomberman has arrived: Starific – Endless Reactor

Released by Beveled Edge, Starific is a difficult-to-describe arcade shooter, of sorts. According to the devs, it’s as if “Pachinko, Breakout, and Bomberman had a 3-way love child”. Players will look to trigger chain reactions, in an effort to complete levels. Gameplay is straightforward though, in that a level begins with a “star” that is released onto the octagonal board and players control a portion of its border.

This physical border is slid around, giving the star a walk to reflect off of. Check out trailer to at least get an idea of the gameplay. The levels are procedurally generated, and there are over 80 unlockables to be found in Starific that include themes, controls, and size of the playing board.

Starific Features:

– Procedurally generated so every game is different yet finely tuned.
– Dozens of power-ups that synergize for emergent gameplay.
– Includes 4 Modes for both action and cerebral play styles.
– Customizable difficulty, board size, controls and themes.
– An ever growing list of unlockable content (currently 80+ themes, modes, and settings).
– Metagame quest system to reward users and unlock content.
– Beautiful minimalist graphics and 2 hours of bass pumping electronic music.
– Innovative radial control scheme, unlike anything seen before.
– Includes 16 leaderboards and dozens of stats and achievements.

There are a total four different modes of play, sixteen leader boards, and dozens of achievements. Starific is available for free from Google Play, with no ads or IAPs in the game. You can also check out the game in action with the video below.

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