The Mario Bros. Tour Has Just Kicked Off in Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour has just received its brand new bi-weekly content drop in The Mario Bros. Tour. This is a throwback tour that rolls back the clock to when Mario wore red dungarees, rather than blue.

You can get your hands on the aptly-titled Mario (Classic) right now if you’re lucky enough to pull it from the pipe. Lucky does play slightly less of a role this time though, as the rates have been increased.

Mario Kart Tour’s Latest Tour Includes Two New Spotlight Characters and Gliders, and Three New karts

The only other new racer is Luigi (Classic), who will be available from next week as the second Spotlight Character. It’s better news in terms of karts though, with three new options, though there are only two new gliders.

It pretty much follows the trend with Mario Kart Tour following its content-packed initial tours. This feels a little lazy, like the previous few.

If you’re up for checking out the new content, go ahead and grab Mario Kart Tour from Google Play right now.

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