The Minecraft: Pocket Edition building continues, more awesome user-made structures

Continuing on with covering our readers and the awesome structures they are building in Minecraft: Pocket Edition, especially since it’s release onto all Android 2.2+ devices, here are some more pictures of impressive user-made buildings including an underwater palace, a giant creeper and more.

We have two galleries to showcase today, both of which show some impressive building skills when it comes to making something in Minecraft on your Android device. The first gallery below shows some random structures and art built by one of our readers named Niall. Check it out since it comes complete with a giant creeper, an air ship and more.


The second gallery below showcases a rather large underwater palace built by another reader of ours going by the name of Kandiman. If you have been visiting us for awhile then his name should be familiar as he likes to comment a lot as well. Check out his impressive underwater palace he is building. Currently it’s still under construction and he plans to add some additional structures to his palace, not on land of course, but in the sky.


Like we mentioned in our last showcase post, feel free to send us your impressive structures or Minecraft art built in-game using an Android device and we will add it to the gallery we are building. When you send your pictures, be sure to include a little description of what it is and future plans for it (if any). You can send your screenshots and info to 702records [at] gmail [dot] com and we will feature them on the site. If you want to do a tour in a video, you can send that to us as well whether through email or your can dropbox it. If you send us the raw video file we can syndicate it throughout all our video channels including here on the site.

Keep on building and awesome work so far guys! Would love to see something related to DroidGamers built by our readers, just throwing that out there!

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