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The Next Angry Birds Game is Angry Birds Casual, and it’s Out Now in Soft-launch

Rovio’s latest addition to the Angry Birds franchise is Angry Birds Casual, and you can play the soft-launch version now in the US and Mexico.

Angry Birds Casual takes the series back to its simple bird-flinging roots. Its sees you hurling beloved avian characters such as Red, Bomb, Stella, Chuck, and others from a catapult towards a series of precarious structures. 

I Know Why the Caged Bird Flings

Here’s the twist. These structures are sheltering caged chicks instead of stupid green pigs, so Rovio has clearly elected to do away with the troubling spectacle of pig slaughter.

You’ll earn coins by completing levels, and use them to unlock rewards. There are hundreds of levels and multiple worlds, and as you make your way through them you’ll unlock additional characters. 

Angry Birds Casual is available to download in the US and Mexico right now, with the international roll-out expected in the next couple of months.

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