The Phamble Phamily series of games coming to Android later this year

The Phamble Phamily are development studio, Medrick Games, main characters for their upcoming series of games based around the family. Each member of the family is made up from a little drop of water and it looks like each member will be getting a game based around them.

No Stupid Past will be the first game coming to multiple platforms, including Android, and is based off of one of the main characters from the family, although which one hasn’t been stated yet. This will be one of those continuous running games where you’ll be running and jumping/dodging obstacles and creatures in your way as you rake in the points for surviving longer. You won’t be able to slow down either because there will be a giant monster chasing you

Hard Phall will be a similar type of game featuring Phury, the youngest member of the family. In this game though you won’t be running and jumping but instead dodging falling objects such as rocks, branches and other items. The longer he survives dodging falling objects, the more points you earn.

Fantom Phreak will have you controlling the pet of the family, Fantom. This game will be a platform/puzzle game where you will be using the accelerometer to control Fantom and have him bouncing on platforms, collecting items like keys and dodging enemies in order to complete each stage.

Wheelchair of Phury is the fourth game of the series and will be released last. Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of information right now regarding this game except the fact that the main character gets released from the hospital in a wheelchair and there are walls involved that he has to avoid.

No Stupid Past and Hard Phall are both set to release sometime in the next month or so while Fantom Phreak and  Wheelchair of Phury are both still under heavy development and are slated for a release time of at least two months from now. All four games will most likely be priced around $0.99 according to the developer.

Developer Website: N/A

Website Referenced: Pockett (French)

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