The Respawnables will soon bring fast-paced third-person shooter action to Android

There is a new game in the works right now from Digital Legends called The Respawnables which will bring some fast-paced third-person shooter action to iOS and Android soon. Featuring a sort of cartoon style to the visuals that looks similar to that found in Team Fortress 2, this should be a pretty interesting game when it arrives.

In fact the entire games looks to be influenced by Team Fortress 2 from the humor and whacky characters to the visual style of the entire game. In the trailer below you can see at least three classes that will be included in the game when it launches, the standard dual pistol wielding ‘Scout’, the heavy artillery character and a sniper.

There still isn’t a whole lot of detail just yet about the game aside from what we can dig out of the trailer. We will keep an eye on it and post updates as they arrive. As for a time frame as to when The Respawnables will launch, all we know is ‘soon’.

Developer Website: Digital Legends

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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