The Sandbox gets updated, brings humans to the game finally

The only difference between the iOS version of The Sandbox and the Android version for the most part has been that the Android version has not had humans available in-game. Well that has all changed with the new update that has arrived today, bringing humans to the game in a variety of ways.

First the update brings a new user-created campaign to the game which has 10 levels for free. Now that is out of the way, here is where it gets interesting. The Sandbox now has humans which can affect your gameplay in a variety of ways. Aside from the fact that humans run on AI, you can manipulate their behavior with different magic powder, making them do various tasks such as Miner, Hunter, Builder or Wood Chopper.

There is no also the Human Castaway campaign which features an additional 15 levels for you to pay through. The rest of the update contains mostly bug fixes but now the game should be pretty much on par with the iOS version. The update is currently available for download.

Google Play Link: The Sandbox

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