Theeldor Promises A Medieval Fantasy Pokémon Go, In Alpha On Android Right Now

Feature image for our Theeldor release news piece, it shows three screenshots from the game, with the character exploring and encountering creatures.

The new Theeldor release is fast approaching! With the location-based fantasy combat game poised to enter its second Alpha iteration, it has officially got our attention.

Developed by Voodoocado Games, Theeldor is a medieval fantasy RPG that takes the Pokemon Go approach to questing. If you want to go out and slay the goblins, you’re going to have to go out and get them yourself.

Earliest Version Ready To Try Now

The game’s first Alpha version is available to try out on Google Play, with the new version set to drop soon. The current build is promising but about as rough around the edges as you’d expect from a title in development. Some of the visuals lack textures, so we’re probably looking at a few placeholder assets. The models that are already in look really nice, and have a pleasing Warcraft 3-like aesthetic.

While there’s a lot of fighting and strolling about the world, Theeldor seems to have ambitions of being more than a quick casual experience to spice up your morning run.

A Fully Involved Experience

There’s a story, quests, mysteries to solve, a crafting system, and even player houses. The whole thing seems to be trying to bring the concept of location-based play to a slightly more involved playstyle.

If there’s something that mobile gaming can do better than anything else, it’s being portable and easy to take with you. In addition, devices usually have location services that make games like this far easier than on just about any other platform.

It’s great to see more developers making the most of what mobile platforms can offer, and we welcome anything that forces us to go outside. We’ll be waiting to see what this Theeldor release has to offer.

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