There Is No Fruit, Only Zuul! Fruit Ninja brings Ghostbusters into the mix.

Just two weeks after having released a massive update to the venerable mobile hit, Fruit Ninja, Halfbrick Studios is at it again with yet another surprise up its sleeve: a Ghostbusters crossover! Right on time for Halloween and the Ghostbusters 30th anniversary celebration, Halfbrick has launched a themed update that adds all new weapons, animations and locations based on the beloved cinematic franchise.

Fruit Ninja is without question the most popular title in the developer’s catalog, eclipsing all previous and subsequent development efforts, including the popular Jet Pack Joyride. With over 300 million downloads, Fruit Ninja is not only Halfbrick’s best performing title, but one of the best selling mobile games of all time. Despite having been released in 2010, Fruit Ninja remains a chart topper on the Play Store.

New content includes:

· GHOSTBUSTERS BLADE – The iconic Proton Pack is now available in Fruit Ninja! Draw an X to cross the streams and annihilate fruit like never before. There’s a very slim chance we’ll survive!
· GHOSTBUSTERS DOJO – Return to the River of Slime and test your skills in a classic location from Ghostbusters II. You can even slice ghost traps to release spooky clusters of fruit!
· GHOSTBUSTERS FRUIT – We’re picking up massive amounts of psychokinetic energy throughout the dojo. Either something strange is going on or this fruit has well and truly passed its use-by date!

With such a remarkable tenure in the Play Store, Halfbrick’s seemingly spontaneous efforts to refresh the title are a welcome demonstration of commitment to the fans, and keen business savvy. With the growing buzz surrounding the all-female reboot of the Ghostbusters film series, it seems less bananas to turn a game about swords and fruit into a ghost busting experience.

Fruit Ninja is currently available in the Play Store as a paid app or as a free (ad supported) app.  Both versions offer the Ghostbusters content. Head to the Play Store now and snag a copy in your Ghost Trap.

Developer Website: Halfbrick

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