This War of Mine from 11 bit studios is officially coming to tablets, gets a new interactive trailer

One game we have been waiting for since we first reported on it back in May 2014 is a game called This War of Mine by 11 bit studios, the same company responsible for the extremely popular and fun Anomaly tower defense/offense franchise. This game has already been available on PC for a bit now but This War of Mine is finally going to be heading to tablets soon. When we originally reported on this game, it wasn’t officially announced for mobile devices, but we figured it would be arriving at some point.

In order to start getting mobile gamers hands dirty with this game, 11 bit studios has released an interactive trailer that can be players on tablets. For those of you not familiar with this game, This War of Mine takes a unique focus on telling a story of war, which takes place through the eyes of civilians who are dealing with war and the after effects of it. Players are tasked with guiding the actions of a small group of survivors, which includes things such as foraging for food and supplies, building tools and other useful items, and dealing with hostiles.

Players will have to deal with both internal and external threats, whether that be a physical enemy or problems such as sickness. Everything is also done at night, since during the day you can not leave your refuge due to snipers being everywhere. Rounding out the entire experience is some rather unique art to enjoy. You will need to make decisions, and sometimes those are tough ones. You may end up having to sacrifice a member of your group to ensure the survival of the rest.

This War of Mine will be arriving for tablets soon, although no official release date has been announced. The interactive trailer is a series of videos that will require you to make choices, and deal with the consequences of those decisions while giving you a preview of the game itself and some of the story. We’ll post an update once we hear of a launch date.

Official Website: This War of Mine (Interactive Trailer)

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