Three titles coming from Kajak Games to Android soon

Kajak Games has an interesting little course they hold with University of Kajaani students in Finland. They take sixty students and, over the time of the course, develop games while teaching game development. This year they included mobile games and now you can expect three new games heading our way.

Tank Puzzle – already launched on WP7, this little puzzle game has you controlling a tank and navigating through each level, avoiding obstacles and enemies while you try to reach then end. There are a total of 60 levels in this game and you will at times be using your gun to clear yourself a path and other times you will be moving objects in order to complete the puzzle on each stage. Tank Puzzle will be hitting Android shortly after it’s released on iOS which is in about a month.

Dibidogs: Rush – This particular game has you controlling a cartoon dog and as you can guess by the name, this is a racing game. You’ll control the cartoon dog using the accelerometer. As you’re racing you’ll be collecting bones and dodging obstacles either by steering around them or jumping over them. The graphics are what you would find back in the Nintendo 64 era. Originally designed for PC, it will also be coming to Android in about a month.

Dibidogs: Pipediver – Continuing with the same dog character from Dibidogs: Rush, in Pipediver you are guiding your dog through levels by avoiding obstacles and grabbing bonuses and power-up. This game also features the same style of graphics found in Dibidog: Rush and is currently available on the Android Market already.



  • Game modes: Arcade, Adventure and Survival
  • Various goals to complete including racing against the time, collecting a set amount items, or avoiding specific items
  • Four different themes: Day, Night, Sewers and Ice Caves
  • Plenty of achievements to unlock


Dibidogs: Pipediver is available on the Android Market right now for $1.43. You also might want to check out their other game on the Android Market called Dibidogs: Cats in Space which is a mix of physics and platformer game styles.

Developer Website: Kajak Games

Website Referenced: Pockett (French)

Android Market Link: Dibidogs: Pipediver

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