Tianzi 76 RPG Promo Shows A Beautiful And Crazy World

Feature image for our Tianzi 76 news piece. It shows a split view of several characters playing a board game on a bright green background with sketchy drawings over the top.

A new, open-world RPG set in the Extraordinary Ones universe is under construction, and the developer released a video to their YouTube channel to give us some idea of what to expect.

The promotional video is entitled ‘Welcome to Tianzi 76!’, and what a welcome it is.

A Wild Ride Through A Colourful City

We open in an establishment, and characters, splashed with Chinese tiger imagery, as the two characters get a message that something is going down, and set off to investigate.

There are a few glimpses of what appears to be gameplay. The presumed player characters skateboard around the city, taking in the fusion of Chinese tradition and modern polish, grinding along rails, and annoying the other locals.

The second part is when they find their target, a girl surrounded by a strange flower-like entity. You can see the characters entering an alternate world and traversing what seems to be a dungeon.

The dungeon itself has some pretty cool and bizarre imagery, from huge duck mascot monuments with flaking paint to weird geometrical paths, to a boss comprising of a character on a giant floating vaporwave head.

And it’s when the boss battle kicks off that we really get a look at the other characters.

A Weird And Wacky Cast

If you’re a fan of Extraordinary Ones, you might spot some re-imagined versions of your favorites from the MOBA.

Chang’e makes an appearance, summoning up some suited rabbit men into battle. A revamped Alpha White shows off her sword skills. Coderella drops an entire orbital strike on an enemy, making sure to strike the right selfie pose as an explosion rips across the battlefield.

The protagonist then get into a fight over a quail egg in a hotpot.

It’s stylish, fun, and doesn’t look like every other gacha RPG out there.

Of course, looking at promo videos is a bit like looking at the pictures in fast food places. What you see might not be exactly what you get.

While we do love the design and the weird visuals, we’re not going to climb on the hype train until we get a chance to see a little more gameplay. We’ve been hurt too many times.

So, while we’re going to reserve judgment until we see more of Tianzi 76, what we’ve seen so far makes it one to keep an eye on.

Interested in some more aesthetic RPGs on the way? Check out our news on the Wuthering Waves CBT.

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