Wuthering Waves CBT Showcase Shapes Up to Be an Exciting One

feature image for our wuthering waves CBT showcase news, the image features official promo art of a character from the game as he holds a polearm and looks over his shoulder with a serious expression on his face, there is also official art of the main character's as they also have a serious expression on their faces, with the girl at the front grabbing her katana as if she is going to unsheath it from its cover

A Wuthering Waves CBT showcase is on the way! It’s set for April 14 at 04:30 PT – that’s 12:30 pm for us in the BST time zone, and 7:30 am for those in America. Make sure to keep an eye on our news page, as we’re planning to do full coverage during the preview showcase.

What Can We Expect to See in the Wuthering Waves CBT Showcase?

So, what do we expect to see in the Wuthering Waves CBT showcase? Well, we assume that we’ll get some extra gameplay footage for the game. Personally, we’re hoping to see more of the world, and additional clips of combat! We can’t wait to get our hands on it ourselves. 

From the looks of it, this showcase contains information regarding the upcoming CBT for the game. However, a lot of fans are desperately trying to gain access to the next test in the first place. While the Wuthering Waves CBT showcase is a good thing, it’ll be a kick in the teeth for those who aren’t able to access the brand-new gacha – us included. 

Hopefully, the CBT showcase shines more light on what we can expect to see within the game. The official website for Wuthering Waves already contains a few videos and images to ramp up the hype, but we still don’t know a lot about the game at this current time.

New Characters? Yes, Please!

Furthermore, the development team, Kuro Game, may provide us with more information and imagery of the characters who will be included in the launch of the game. There are already a few snippets of information over on the website – but other than that, we don’t know much else.

Perhaps they’ll treat us to a reveal of a brand-new character, or they could delve deeper into each character’s kits. No matter what they decide to show us in the Wuthering Waves CBT showcase, we can’t wait to see it nonetheless!

For more information about the game, take a look at the official Twitter page. If you’re on the hunt for something new to play while you wait for the launch of Wuthering Waves, check out our Best Android Gacha Games guide!

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