Android Port Of Tinyfolks Is Like Darkest Dungeon In Miniature

Feature image for our Tinyfolks news piece. It shows a battle as several small pixel characters take on a large boss called the Goblin King.

Adorable little minimalist RPG Tinyfolks has hit Google Play, and we love to see it. The game is a reasonably-priced premium offering and gives you plenty of content for your money.

In Tinyfolks, you take on the role of a monarch brutally ousted from their throne by dark forces. The nasty individuals took their crown. With the crown in malevolent hands, the Kingdom is on a countdown to armageddon.

It’s The Final Countdown

Fortunately, your tiny King or Queen survived the clash with the evil sorcerer and sets out to try and reclaim their crown and avert horrible disaster.

If there’s anything you could compare Tinyfolks to, Darkest Dungeon is a good start. You recruit fighters to your cause and engage in a risk-reward cycle where you may proceed through an area or run back to town.

Pressing on is crucial because you have a limited number of days to save the Kingdom before a catastrophe happens. No pressure though.

Combat is a turn-based affair, with both your squad and the enemy arranged in rows that determine where they can attack, and what can attack them. You need to keep a close eye on how your little guys are doing, especially as battles come one after another and lead up to a boss.

Take Care Of Your Tinyfolks And They’ll Take Care Of You

The town area is also a major factor. Towns have resources that you can upgrade, and these let you train up your little guys and unlock whole new classes. Characters are very flexible, growing to your specifications. You can also upgrade weapons and get items from town.

Time is measured in days, and is expended through your actions. Sleeping will advance days forward and complete certain jobs, but at the expense of inching your all closer to your doom.

If you enjoy a bit of planning and strategy in the real sense of the word, then Tinyfolks is absolutely worth a look.

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