Titanfall spinoff game is coming to Android this fall

Titanfall, the outer space, mech combat game, now has a mobile game that’s different in gameplay. Yet it will still function as a stand alone entry to the franchise.

The game will be known as Titanfall: Frontline. It is a card game that draws off of the Titanfall IP. There’s no trailer out for the game, and it’s yet to be released, so there isn’t much known about how the game will actually play. The game is a collaboration among Respawn Entertainment, Nexon and Particle City. The original Titanfall game was a huge hit when it was released on XBox One back in 2014. It was amazing to see huge hulking mechs doing battle across a myriad of environments.

As far as Titanfall: Frontline, this is what we know so far. Players will be assuming the role of a Bridge Commander, and that play will be head to head, and real time. There will also be different card types that include those of Pilots, Titans, and Burn Cards, which contain special abilities (think the parkour or rodeo that pilots can do within the game). So, players might be in a match where pilots are facing off, and one player brings a Titan Card into play to try and get the upper hand, while the other destroys it with Burn Cards. All of these types can be collected and leveled up.

The game is supposed to allow for different play styles as well, whether it’s a fast attack style (think drop ships, light pilots, and titans) or the slower and more powerful style (defensive installations, support personnel, and so on). Another angle for players to consider, is whether they will control their titans directly, or leave them on autopilot to free up the pilot. Players can form and join guilds, and help their fellow members level up. The game is going to be released by Nexus, which has a multi year deal in place with both Respawn Entertainment, and Particle City. Nexus said that the game is supposed to be released this fall (so the wait should be short), and will be “a free download” from Google Play. Players that want to be at the head of the line can pre-register at the site listed below. 

Are you a fan of card-based games? If not, is the Titanfall IP enough for you to give a go when the game releases? Let us know in the comments. As soon as we get more information about the game, we will pass it along to you. If you do have an XBox One, PS4 or Origin account on your PC, you can also register for the Titanfall 2 console game. The console version of the game is set to drop October 28th, so hopefully Titanfall: Frontline will arrive the same time or sooner. We will keep our eyes on the lookout for you. As soon as a trailer drops, we will update this article.

Pre-registration for Titanfall: Frontline: Titanfall: Frontline

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