Top Gear: Race The Stig updated with new Halloween content

Like every year around this time, developers have been pushing out Halloween updated for a lot of their games and this happens to include Top Gear: Race The Stig. In this particular case, a new Halloween-themed spooky location that has been added to the game for racers to take their cars to and enjoy.

On top of the new locations, this Halloween update also features two new Halloween-themed crash helmets for you to get in order to protect your face when you slam into a wall. Lastly there is also the addition of a Halloween-themed cars that players can get as well to do some racing in.

Overall not a bad little update for Top Gear: Race The Stig this Halloween seasons. If you have the game already, this update should be available to you now. If you don’t have this game and want to check it out, you can download it off of Google Play for free.

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