Toss It!

In the tradition of office basketball where we make a basketball out of crumpled up paper and our baskets being garbage cans comes Toss It by Boolba Labs. Toss it eliminates two problems that generally happens when office basketball is being played: 1) The obscene waste of paper 2) The pointless attempts at telling your boss that you weren’t playing office basketball when they walk over and see 50 some odd balls of crumpled paper all over the floor.

Toss It is simple, toss your crumpled ball of paper into the garbage can as many times as you can without missing. It can bounce off surrounding object and go in or it can also be nothing but net. There’s a fan blowing a different speed per shot and sometimes switched from right to left to keep you on your toes. Currently Toss It is in preview mode which means there’s only a couple of levels so I’m expecting the full version to have more.

The physics are pretty decent when the air from the fan catches the ball of paper or when it bounces off an object and the graphics are surprisingly pretty impressive considering the simplicity of the game. So if you want to save a tree, or your job by looking productive when the boss comes by, give Toss It a try, it’s pretty fun.

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