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Totally Reliable Delivery Service Has Been Successfully Delivered to Google Play

Totally Reliable Delivery Service, the eagerly anticipated physics sandbox game from TinyBuild and We’re Five Games, has arrived on Android alongside iOS, PC and consoles.

As you can probably imagine, the gameplay sees you delivering items as quickly and efficiently as possible, avoiding obstacles and accidents along the way. 

Slapstick is the Order of the Day

This is easier said than done, thanks to the ragdoll nature of your avatar. Totally Reliable Delivery Service is like a more cartoony, less psychotic take on Goat Simulator, with noodly controls and floaty physics combining to produce an endless supply of slapstick moments. 

There’s a single-player campaign and an online multiplayer mode in which you can multiply the chaos with co-op. Being a sandbox game, it also contains numerous distractions to keep you amused between deliveries. 

You can download Totally Reliable Delivery Service for free right now.

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