Triniti Entertainment releases two new games: TinyLegends and Call of Mini: Sniper

From the fine folks that brought you Call of Mini: Zombies, Triniti Entertainment has released two new games onto Android, one of the Google Play store called Call of Mini: Sniper, and one of the Amazon AppStore called TinyLegends – Crazy Knights. Even though TinyLegends is only available on the Amazon AppStore, it should make it to the Google Play store soon just like Call of Mini: Zombies did.

TinyLegends – Crazy Knight

TinyLegends is all about taking down an onslaught of monsters that have appeared in each zone. Featuring Triniti Entertainment’s signature boxy 3D graphics, TinyLegends features an array of weapons for your to use and even sports a combo system that you can take advantage off in order to take down all the monsters who are trying to take you down.

TinyLegends – Crazy Knight Features:

– BATTLE over 40 enemies at once!

This is a pure hack n’ slash action game that you can pick up off the Amazon AppStore for $1.99 right now. When it does come to the Google Play store, we will be sure to update everyone in case you don’t have access yet to Amazon’s AppStore.

Amazon Market Link: TinyLegends – Crazy Knight

Call of Mini: Sniper

Jumping from wielding axes and other weapons of a melee nature, Triniti Entertainment has released Call of Mini: Sniper onto Google Play. Featuring the same boxy 3D graphics as their other games, Call of Mini: Sniper is, in essence, another zombie game but this time you take on the role of a sniper, waging all out war against the undead. You will have a variety of weapons to unlock and use, not just sniper rifles.

Call of Mini: Sniper Features:

– BRUTAL first-person survival action!
– JAW-DROPPING explosions!
– 6 BLOODTHIRSTY zombie types!
– 21 LETHAL weapons!
– SWAT backup!
– EXPLOSIVES bring the BOOM!
– NONSTOP zombie assaults!

You’ll be pegging off the undead in a first-person perspective but from a variety vantage points. If you enjoyed Call of Mini: Zombies then you’ll probably want to grab Call of Mini: Sniper as well, You can do so off of the Google Play store for free.

Google Play Link: Call of Mini: Sniper

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