Tux Rider Android Edition

Tux Rider – Android Edition, developed by Drodin, is a port of the popular linux game Tux Rider 3D. All you Tux the Penguin fans can now race down ski slopes, collecting fish, getting air and earning points while on your belly like a true penguin does. This game features great 3D graphics, fast paced action and like all things linux, is open source!

You control Tux as he slides down the slope using the accelerometer (tilting the phone left or right to steer), the trackball or D-Pad. This is a very fast paced game where you can get some big air if you hit a hill going top speed.


  • Tilt controls, D-Pad or Trackball
  • 9 level of belly racing awesomeness
  • 3D graphics with smooth rendering
  • Fish!

Seriously though this is a great game that any racing fanatic will enjoy. Even better is the fact it’s open source with the code being freely available over at Github so feel free to grab it, modify it and show us some cool new levels or whatever else comes to mind! Tux Rider is available for free (completely free, no ads or anything) on the Android market right now. If you experience any sort of performance issues, try lowering the display settings in the game (yes there are actual options for graphic quality) or disabling the sound.

Developer Website: Drodin

Click QR Code to enlarge for easy scanning: {rokbox}images/stories/QRCodeLibrary/QRTuxRider.png{/rokbox}

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