Two new games on Nvidia’s GRID so far this month: Devil May Cry 4 and Risen 2

Almost every Tuesday Nvidia releases a new game onto their gaming-on-demand service called Nvidia GRID. So far this month there have been two new games for Nvidia GRID, both of which are actually pretty good games on their original platforms already. Now that they are available on Nvidia GRID, you can play them while on the go.

The two new games on Nvidia’s GRID are Risen 2: Dark Waters and Devil May Cry 4. In the latter, players control Nero through a 20-mission campaign as he tries to get revenge on Dante, the anti-hero. Risen 2: Dark Waters is a single-player Action-RPG that takes place at the Port of Caldera in the Caribbean (although you do travel to numerous locations) where two Titans happen to be duking it out. Once there is a winner, that Titan will end up trying to destroy Caldera so you have to stop that from happening.

Both games are currently available to play in full on Nvidia’s GRID, just go to GRID Games in the Shield Hub to access either one. Right now GRID is available for free to use and play any of the available games as long as you own an Nvidia Shield Portable or an Nvidia Shield Tablet. Both also have complete support for the Nvidia Shield controller. Tomorrow another game will be arriving and we will report on that as well. So far there is over 45 games available on GRID.

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