Day: 20 April 2015


PC RTS game Z Steel Soldier will be arriving onto Android for everyone this month

Z Steel Soldiers was originally released onto PC back in 2001. Since then it has been ported to a few other platforms and if you have been following our site for awhile, then you already know that Z Steel Soldiers lands on Android back in August 2014, However, that release was exclusively for Tegra-based devices. This month will finally see the release of Z Steel Soldiers for non-Tegra Android devices.


Android Game Sale Round-Up: Plasma Sky, Tales of Illyria series, Cyber Knights and more

We missed getting out our end-of-week round-up of Android games on sale last week and so to make up for it, we are doing a beginning of the week round-up instead! Since last Friday, nothing has really changed between then and now regarding Android games on sale so thankfully you haven’t missed much. A few games actually ended their sale on Friday but they have been on sale for a couple of weeks already.


Madfinger Games teams up with Plotagon so users can create their own Dead Trigger 2 animated stories. First content now live.

Madfinger Games has teamed up with Plotagon to offer up a bit of a unique feature for Dead Trigger 2 players to take advantage of if you’re feeling a bit creative. Essentially this partnership allows for players to create their own animated storylines using the characters from Dead Trigger 2. To kick the entire thing off, both companies are hosting a competition where anyone who creates a short video using the characters from Dead Trigger 2, and enter its into the competition, can win some prizes.


Running Twister Save your Love sprints onto Android

In this game, players assume the role of Fracy, pursuing his love interest Mery. During his trip, a tornado arrives and causes all sorts of damage at a nearby chemical factory that experiments on animals. In doing so, all sorts of unnatural creatures are released, and impede Fracy from his goal. All of Fracy’s clothing were sucked away in the tornado, as well as one of the creatures abducting Mery.