Running Twister Save your Love sprints onto Android

In this game, players assume the role of Fracy, pursuing his love interest Mery. During his trip, a tornado arrives and causes all sorts of damage at a nearby chemical factory that experiments on animals. In doing so, all sorts of unnatural creatures are released, and impede Fracy from his goal. All of Fracy’s clothing were sucked away in the tornado, as well as one of the creatures abducting Mery.

Thus begins Fracy (who players will control) on his journey. The point of each level is to run to the finish line, without being tripped up by any of the numerous hazards found on each one, while retrieving his clothing and eventually being reunited with his true love. Fracy will run, and can also jump and slide his way past the creatures and obstacles.

Running Twister Features:

– Very addictive gameplay
– Two button controls and specific swipe controls
– 8 different environments with 2D HD graphics
– 4 Worlds*
– 100 Levels*
– Levels’s difficulty from easy to very hard
– Physics and Lights applied to objects
– Enemies with artificial intelligence
– Challenge your friends and all other players worldwide (Google Play Game integrated !)
– Platforming Actions

Running Twister is compatible with Google Play Games and is available to download from Google Play for free with optional IAPs in tow. You can check out the game in action in the video below.

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