Unigine Corp. bringing their awesome naval strategy game Oil Rush to Android in February

Unigine Corp. is a company that actually makes a 3D game development engine (called Unigine 3D) as well as games using that engine. One of their games is the rather eye candy filled naval RTS game called Oil Rush and Unigine Corp. is planning on bringing this RTS game to Android next month along with all of the eye candy it comes with.

Originally Oil Rush was released for PC and Macs last year where players are thrown into a world where oil is the currency of the realm. Actually that’s not too far fetched these days. What players need to do is gain and gather as much oil as they can and by any means necessary. You also have to protect your deposits and rigs as well from getting plundered and taken over.

To accomplish all of this, players will build rigs and naval vehicles and these vehicles will be used to protect your oil rigs. There are a total of 15 maps to play through, each one having harder and more challenging AI opponents to defend against. Battles are actually pretty fast-paced as well and interestingly enough, even though this game came out on PC first, Unigine Corp. says it was actually made with mobile and touchscreens in mind originally.

Since Oil Rush is very heavy on the eye candy as well, apparently to play the game you will need a high-end device and it appears that Unigine Corp. may have made a deal with Qualcomm to have this title exclusive to devices with the Snapdragon S4 chipset since they are saying it is the only chipset that can run the game. Of course we will double check on this and see if it will be available for other high-end devices that sport a different chipset like a Tegra 3.

For now though, anyone interested in getting a hold of this game will have to wait until sometime in February for it to arrive on Google Play. No word on any multiplayer functionality either which, if it doesn’t come with it, would be a bit of a shame. You can check out the PC gameplay trailer above to learn more about the game.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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