Unreal Engine built Wraithborne makes the jump from Ouya to all Android devices

Developed by Alpha Dog Games and made using the Unreal Engine, Wraithborne originally was released onto Ouya but has now made the jump from the Android-powered game console to Google Play for all Android gamers to download and play.

Wraithborne is a 3D hack n’ slash game with RPG elements layered onto it. As the story goes, magic has returned to the land that you live in and unfortunately that has changed everything, some things for the worst. You’ll be going around killing different monsters that have spawned in different areas, leveling up and gaining new abilities in the process.

Wraithborne Features:

– New Android Content: Earn XP and unlock new spells
– Graphics powered by Unreal Engine
– 12 unique levels to replay and master
– Fast-paced action combat and boss battles
– Unlock 8 different warhammers and sets of armour
– Wield powerful rune-based spells for attack, defense and healing
– Earn XP and Gems in three different arena gameplay modes

Wraithborne does have controller support since it was originally a game for the Ouya console. For those of you interested in checking this game out, Wraithborne is available for download for free. The game does contain IAPs for extra gems if you don’t want to earn them through playing the game.

Google Play Link: Wraithborne

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