Unreal Engine powered Swords & Some Magic blends Action-Platformer with an Endless Runner

Holy Warp is currently developing a hybrid game called Swords & Some Magic which combine some of the mechanics found in more traditional platformers with the gameplay and mechanics of an endless runner, all of which is being made using Unreal Engine. Your goal? To reach the top of the ‘Dark Tower’.

Unlike the vast majority of endless runners out there in the mobile gaming world, Swords & Some Magic looks to have plenty of arcade action involved as well. This ranges from hacking enemies that are in your way to full on big boss fights. You’ll also have all the gameplay elements of an endless runner. This means you’ll be jumping, ducking/sliding and generally trying to avoid all manner of hazards.

Since you will be trying to climb to the top of the ‘Dark Tower’, each floor is considered a milestone in the game. As of right now there happens to be a total of 36 levels to the tower with six different environments to explore. Did we mention there are big boss fights?

While we don’t have an exact release date as of yet, and this will most likely be free considering the type of game it is, we do have some early gameplay footage available. It may seem a little slow but remember, this isn’t just an endless runner and it is early footage.

Developer Website: Holy Warp

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