Upcoming space adventure sim game Star Command set to land sometime this month

One game we’ve been waiting for since it was successfully funded on Kickstarter is War Balloon’s Star Command. This space themed adventure sim game is one that we have been keeping an eye out for, especially since the iOS version has already been released. It appears that the game may well be getting released this month finally.

Of course we have reported on this before only to have the game delayed but it does seem somewhat more credible this time. The announcement was made through a Tweet on the developer’s Twtter Account and while they did mention that the date could be figured out through math, we are just a little glad its actually coming out this month. That is, of course, if nothing else happens to delay it.

When Star Command is released though, it will have all the content that the iOS version has including all the updates it has received since the iOS version’s release. There also won’t be any IAPs or things of that nature.

Thanks to Tim. S for the heads up!

Website Referenced: Star Command

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