[Update: Game Released] Color Perception Puzzle Game I Love Hue Will Finally Arrive in January 2017

Zut Games have developed a peculiar puzzle game involving the rearrangement and organization of tiles on colored mosaics into ordered spectrums titled I Love Hue. I Love Hue was designed specifically for seeking serenity with no timers, no move limits, or punishments for failing to find solutions.  Its beautiful minimalism is meant as a gentle and relaxing experience for players to sink into.

Update: January 30th, 2017 1:12pm PST: If you’re into zen/relaxing style puzzle games, I Love Hue is now available off of Google Play for free with optional IAPs available as well. You can check out some of the gameplay with the added trailer below as well.

I Love Hue Features:

– Mesmerising color-based gameplay – a puzzle of perception, not logic
– A minimal, modernist aesthetic
– A soothing synth soundtrack
– Share your accomplishments
– Multiple play modes
– Over 300 levels to solve
– Compare your performance to the world average, and unlock achievements by beating it

Players are encouraged to find harmony by simply moving tiles around the mosaics to bring order out of the chaos.  There will be over 250 levels of chromatic tranquility to visually enjoy, while being supported with a soothing soundtrack in creating a calm and meditative ambiance.

I Love Hue will be released (finally) in January 2017 as a free-to-play game.

Google Play: I Love Hue

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