[Update: Global Launch] Multiplayer running game ReRunners will officially be launching this month on Android

Back in the beginning of this year we talked about a competitive running game that would be heading to mobile devices at some point this year. Well it looks like ReRunners is pretty much done and getting ready for launch as the developers Klang Games, and publishers Tilting Point, have announced that this game will be landing on Google Play this month.

Update: July 22nd, 2016 12:31pm PST: For those of you waiting to snap a copy of this game up when it arrives, ReRunners has now globally launched on Android. You can now grab a copy off of Google Play through the link below.

For those of you who missed our previous coverage, ReRunners isn’t an endless runner. Instead it is a competitive running game along the same lines of SpeedRunners for PC, except this will be on your mobile device of choice. Players will select a character to represent them within each race, and will go up against other players in races on different maps. You’ll need to dodge various hazards and take advantage of power-ups when they appear.

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ReRunners Features:

– Rapidly race against players worldwide
– Sprint past the competition using skill, cunning, and explosives
– Build up XP to unlock new Skills
– Collect Coins and Gems to unleash deadly perks
– Customize your own Runner
– Explore a vibrant, nonlinear open world

However, unlike similar games, there are a few RPG mechanics involved in this one. Players will be able to level up their character(s) which will improve them in a few different ways. This could be anything from starting speed acceleration to jumping height and so on. You’ll also be able to customize you runner visually so everyone doesn’t end up looking the same.

Unfortunately there is no official date for ReRunners’ launch, only that it will be coming this month if the last bit of testing goes well. We will post an update when the game globally launches, since it ihas been in a soft launch for a couple months now in select regions. In the meantime, you can check out the game’s trailer below as well as some classic movie posters the developers decided to make, which are actually pretty neat.

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