ustwo finally bring over their rather surreal title called Whale Trail to Android

In the spirit of all things psychedelic, developers ustwo have finally released their rather surreal game Whale Trail onto the Android platform. Originally launched on iOS back in October, it has received quite a lot of attention in the iOS gaming world.

Following the same line of weirdness you would find in games like Techno Kitty Adventure or the movie The Yellow Submarine, Whale Trail is an endless flyer where you will be controlling a Whale who looks like he is farting a cloud of rainbow colored gas behind him, sort of like Nyan Cat but a whale instead. Your job is to control the whale, flying for as long as you can collecting bubbles, do loops, smash grumpy Thunder Bros (the grey clouds) and meet some friends along the way.

Whale Trail Features:

– Simple and intuitive one finger flight gameplay
– Choose between Classic or Challenge game modes
– 32 challenge levels and counting, can you THREE STAR them all?
– Collect pickups to enter Frenzy and smash the grumpy Thunder Bros
– Launch into space with Speed-Boosts and Hyper-Boosts
– Compete against friends on Scoreloop leaderboards
– 52 achievements to test your flying skills to the MAX

The game comes with two modes: Classic and Challenge. In Classic mode you just casually fly along as long as you can without dieing. In Challenge Mode you will be trying to unlock stars in smaller levels. Whale Trail is a very colorful game and you can either go hardcore at it or just take your time playing it whenever you have a few free minutes.

If you are up for a rather interesting and unique game to play, you may want to check this one out. It is available on the Android Market for $0.99.

Developer Website: ustwo

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Android Market Link: Whale Trail

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