Vacuum v1.0 is out!

Vacuum by Door-6 has been in Beta for a short while now with only us press people having a whack at it but the wait has ended. Vacuum has landed on the Android market along with all the cash prize details which start April 1st so you have some time to practice up and get ready to try to win some cash (and it’s a good amount too!).

You can read all about Vacuum in our previous article and also in our review of the game which also includes so handy tips that you should find useful. The basic idea though is to navigate through a tunnel and collect the green orbs while avoiding the rocks and passing through the blue rings to collect points and extend your time available. On to the real information though and that’s about the prizes. Competition starts April 1st and will go until May 31 with these available prizes:

$500 for 1st

$250 for 2nd

$100 for 3rd

or at least I’m guessing that’s the order, so basically the top three scores will win those prize amounts. Not too shabby. This just landed on the Android market so best time to get it is now which you can for $1.99.

Click to enlarge for easy scanning: {rokbox}images/stories/QRCodeLibrary/QRVacuum.png{/rokbox}

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