Vainglory Winter season begins this week and a new hero arrives as well

Vainglory has done quite well for itself since its release, becoming one of the main titles in the mobile eSports arena with some teams even getting sponsorship like normal eSports teams. Starting this week is the new Winter season series of matches and along with that, Super Evil Megacorp has also released a new hero called Reim.

The new hero Reim is actually kind of humorous, at least his description and back story seem to be. Reim is a grumpy old winter mage who freezes everyone who crosses him. Players who like to deal heavy damage will probably enjoy playing this hero. He is also surprisingly resilient himself. According to Super Evil Megacorp, Reim can holds his own in a lane, but he’s particularly effective in the jungle where he can go toe-­to-­toe against most opponents that he can catch in there.

Along with the new hero, there are three new skins available for three different heroes. There is a new limited-edition Winter skin for Catherine, a new prehistoric Glaive Tier 3 skin, and an Infinity Skaarf Tier 3 skin. Another addition to the game is the Trophy page/room. There is one for players, teams, and guilds.

Regarding the Winter season matches, there were over 500 teams who signed up for the qualifiers in EU and NA. The first qualifiers match will be on January 16th, 2016 while the update will be arriving on January 13th, 2016, which is Wednesday this week. We will be airing all of the matches of the Winter Season on DroidTV, so stay tuned for a complete schedule.

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