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Valkyrie Anatomia, the prequel to Valkyrie Profile, is out right now on Android

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth fans, have we got a treat for you! The prequel story, Valkyrie Anatomia, is out right now on Android.

It’s actually been out in Japan for several years now, but has only just launched across the globe. So you might have heard of this before.

Valkyrie Anatomia is a prequel story to Valkyrie Profile

If not, you play as battlemaiden Lenneth who has to summon a bunch of heroes to help you fight a war in Valhalla. That’s right, this is a gacha RPG.

But the combat is where the game differs. It’s combo-driven, so adds a layer of strategy to the usual mix.

If you’re a fan of the franchise, we recommend checking out the latest entry right now on Google Play.

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