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Valor’s Reach is out now in beta on Android

Valor's Reach Android

Wizards of the Coast has just released its Magic: The Gathering mobile spin-off, Valor’s Reach, on Google Play in beta.

If you haven’t heard of this yet, it’s a deck building card battler much like ordinary Magic, just with a much faster pace.

Valor’s Reach is a faster-paced Magic: The Gathering experience

You’ll select a Planeswalker hero – each of which has its own unique cards to use.

Then, you’ll build your deck of spell, creature, and character ability cards to bring into battle with you.

Battles are faster-praced here, and designed for shorter playing sessions while on the go. You can even play them in cramped conditions due to the ability to play in portrait.

Valor’s Reach is out right now on Android in Nordic regions. If you live there, or can bypass regional restrictions, go ahead and grab the beta right now on Google Play.

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