Vendetta Online 3D MMORPG heads to Kickstarter to fund a huge expansion

Vendetta Online by Guild Software has been around for a very long time if you look at the normal shelf life of any MMO game these days. Few make it past the 10 year mark and Vendetta Online is one of those few who have made it. Now Guild Software wants to expand the game to a whole new level and has hit up Kickstarter to do it.

Vendetta Online is a cross-platform space MMORPG that is highly detailed, very deep in its gameplay and holds a real community spirit with the developers always taking feedback from the players and improving the game. When it first arrived on Android is was only for tablets but after working on the user interface for awhile, Guild Software was able to bring it to phones also.

Vendetta Online is pretty unique in that is offers real-time (twitch) combat, mining, trading and manufacturing. It also comes with a dynamic economy, complex AI factions and territorial conquest. What this all means is that there is a hell of a lot to do in Vendetta Online already.

Their Kickstarter campaign is to expand the game to a whole new level, bringing it to more platforms, developing improved graphics, sound and rendering technology, advancements to the universe, economy and conquerable territory, plus improvements to player-owned capships and other areas which you can read over on their Kickstarter campaign page.

If you haven’t tried out Vendetta Online you can do so by download the game for free and playing it for a trial period of time. After the trial expires then you’ll need a subscription through the market. This subscription also will let you play Vendetta Online on any platform it is currently available for as well.

The crew at Guild Software is looking for a total of $100,000 and as of right now they are sitting at $17,433 with 33 days to go. You can check out their pitch video above for full details.

Website Referenced: Vendetta Online Kickstarter

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