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Vita3K Android Is Finally Here, Bringing PS Vita Games To Mobile

The featured image for our Vita3K launch article, featuring four screenshots from different PlayStation Vita games. Top left is Persona 4 Golden, top right is Freedom Wars, bottom right is Tales Of Innocence R, and bottom left is The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel.

The highly anticipated PS Vita emulator, Vita3K, officially launched on Android on February 12, bringing Vita games to mobile for the first time ever.

Vita3K is the first ever open source PlayStation Vita emulator for Android. It’s been in the works for a while, and we’ve been tracking its development here on Droid Gamers. The emulator breathes new life to a variety of games, such as Persona 4 Golden and Freedom Wars.

Vita Emulation Finally Comes To Android

Vita3K has been around for a while, giving long-forgotten Vita games a new home on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. For this reason, the emulator has grown a reputation for smooth gameplay in old gems.

Following the Android launch announcement on Discord, hype among the Android gaming community began to spread quickly.

Old classics, such as the original God Of War and Shovel Knight reportedly run at a stable 30 FPS with minimal graphical/sound bugs. The Vita3K website also highlights Freedom Wars, Persona 4 Golden, Hatsune Mika Project DIVA X, and a few others.

Vita Finds A New Home

Reviewers praised the PS Vita for it’s multi-functionality and PS3-like quality of games when Sony first launched it way back at the end of 2011. Unfortunately, the platform only sold around 15 million units before being discontinued in 2019.

Despite the underwhelming sales, the platform grew a bit of a cult-following that still roots for the Vita in 2023. Thanks to Vita3K, fans can pick up their PS Vita expirence where they left off, not only on their phone, but on Mac, Windows, and Linux, too.

Has all this Vita talk got you in the mood for an Uncharted: Golden Abyss playthrough? Or perhaps some God of War? Check out Vita3K on the emulator’s official website.

Have a read of our past coverage of the emulator, where we go into more detail on which Vita games are playable on Android.

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