Vivendi is now the majority holder in Gameloft reconstitutes the Gameloft Board of Directors

If you’ve been following this site for a decent amount of time, you’ll know that we have been watching and reporting on the takeover of Gameloft by Vivendi. Well Vivendi now owns 95.94% of the share capital and 95.77% of the voting rights of Gameloft after the takeover completed back on June 15th, 2016.

At today’s shareholder meeting, Vivendi made a few statements to the shareholders and appointed 5 new members to the Gameloft Board of Directors:

– Sébastien Bolloré, Chairman of Omnium Bolloré, Director and Chairman of Blue Solutions USA
– Frédéric Crépin, Member of the Vivendi Management Board, General Counsel of Vivendi and    Canal+ Group
– Francine Mayer, Chairman of Canal+ Régie
– Stéphane Roussel, Member of the Vivendi Management Board, COO of Vivendi
– Maxime Saada, CEO of Canal+ Group, Chairman and CEO of Dailymotion

The plan? Vivendi plans to fully integrate Gameloft into the Vivendi family of companies and to push the quality of products higher that Gameloft puts out.  Vivendi will be meeting with senior executives at Gameloft next week before starting the whole integration process.

I start my role today with an ambitious plan: to combine your creative passion with Vivendi’s to accelerate Gameloft’s development. You will be a fully-integrated member of the Vivendi family while maintaining your distinctiveness and originality. – Stéphane Roussel

It should be interesting to see what changes, if any, happen now because of this takeover. Remember, Gameloft was very much not in support of this move by Vivendi, but due to French law, a takeover bid was mandatory. What do you think about this takeover by Vivendi? Let us know in the comments below.

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