Vodafone Opens Gamefly-style service for Android Games

You know Gamefly right? If you haven’t heard of Gamefly what they do is offer unlimited game rentals for a flat monthly fee for console/PC games. Think of it as the Netflix of the console gaming world. Vodafone has decided to take that idea and combined it with the world of Android gaming to offer mobile gamers all the games you could want for a monthly fee.

For a monthly fee of €5, or about £3.50 depending where you are in Europe, you will have access to a slew of Android games. Once you pay your monthly fee you will see all the available titles for your to download and play just like normal on your Android phone. If you choose to stop paying for the service all of the games you’ve download will cease to work.

Interesting concept isn’t it? Developers who allow their games to be apart of this service will be paid a share of the revenues based off the the amount of downloads a developer’s game(s) get and are being played. So if you develop a crappy game you won’t get much but if your game is awesome, unique and fun then you could make a lot of money.

This service is available through the Vodafone 360 App Store which is already on about 20 devices throughout Europe with more to come soon. So while this is strictly a European service right now, who here not in Europe would like that sort of service? Hell is the service even worth it?

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Developer Website: Vodafone

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